About Us

Touch the Earth creates one of a kind pieces utilizing the energies of the natural and spiritual worlds, in sacredness.

I was born to create, and love creating pieces that can be used for a multitude of purposes. Jewelry that not only looks pretty, but carries metaphysical energies that interact with you, to assist you in many ways. Orgonic Energy Devices created using combinations of stones that have agreed to work together towards a specific purpose. Teachings and Spiritual Supplies that I have been requested to create and to share, by the Spirit World, who gifted them to me for the purpose of sharing. And all of it created in sacredness.

I have worked with Stones (whom I call The Ancient Ones) for over 40 years. They are my Teachers and Helpers in every way, and always have been. They guide me in all that I do,  and I have learned to trust what they tell me. When I create Orgonic Energy Products, Jewelry, Pendulums, and anything else that I'm "advised" to make, all of my years of experience and the Teachings of these Ancient Ones, and their energies, are added into each piece. Combining stones that work well together, is an art, as they must agree to work together. It happens at their discretion, not mine. I am just the Channel who brings these energies together, in the way that they request - through training myself to hear them.

I am a Channel for the Higher Realms, an Artist, Writer, a Seer, Seeker, Dreamer, and a worker of Magickal miracles. I work with my Angels, Spirit Guides, Spirit Helpers, Animal/Plant/Tree Spirit Helpers, the Ancient Ones, Ancestors, the energies of the Seven Sacred Directions, the Spirit World, and Mother Earth and all of the natural world, in all that I do. It is my honor to do this work in partnership with the Spirit World and the natural world, with love in my heart, positive energy surrounding me, and Spirit guiding me.

What is offered in my shop are items produced using Energy Work - my energy, the energies of the Ancient Ones, my Animal Helpers, the Plant World, the Tree Spirits, my Spirit Helpers, the Spirit World, the Angelic Realm, Mother Earth,  and much much more. I strive to bring you products that come to you filled with energy, and ready to do the work they have asked to do, to assist you as much as possible.

Everything offered has been charged on my altar, it has been smudged and blessed, and it contains the clean, clear, and high vibrational energies of everything that I have worked with to create it. In addition, I use the art of Numerology to arrive at a price for my creations, to ensure not only Equal Energy Exchange, but that the energies used in making each piece are carried through in every aspect of them, including their pricing.

I believe that when you consciously place your energy in a piece, you are choosing to share that aspect of yourself with another, just as the natural world that I work with are consciously choosing to place their energies within each creation.

There are a lot of ingredients that go into each and every piece I create, and every one of them are handled in a sacred, pure, and guided manner.

I do Energy Workings and create Healing Tools that are sold in my shop under the guise of pretty. And while they are pretty, they also contain powerful energies.

I work with the healing energies of the Earth herself, and all of the natural world. Each piece can heal some aspect of your life. Or not. What you choose to do with it is, and always has been, your choice.

The creations in my shop are ready to share their energies with you. Are you ready?